Fake News Targets Pope Francis, Conservative Groups Are Suspected

Today a fake front page of the Vatican’s official newspaper was delivered to cardinals and bishops through an anonymous source this past week and is suspected to be related to the continual campaign against Pope Francis by conservative Catholics.

The fake page pretends to be the front of the Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper, and consists of a fake interview with Pope Francis, who’s 80 years old, with the headline “He answered!” in Italian.

In the made up interview, the pope supposedly addressed a controversial request from four cardinals to clarify his position on whether divorced and remarried Catholics can receive Holy Communion. The Pope apparently answers “yes and no” to the question, depicting that the Pope is uncertain regarding his view on the topic.

Back to reality, this previous year, four high-ranking cardinals requested Francis clarification on his teachings on family and moral issues. The Cardinals took the unexpected notion of alerting the public of their request, as the pope didn’t reply.

This fake news story occurred a week after the walls around Rome were riddled with illegal posters which criticized the pope’s recent actions.

One poster depicted a picture of a serious Pope Francis above the question, “Eh, Francis; you’ve commissioned congregations, removed priests decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, you’ve ignored cardinals … but where’s your mercy?”

These posters were upset with Pope Francis’ recent notions which primarily affected conservative Catholic groups. Police have begun an investigation which uses closed-circuit cameras to monitor the suspected conservative groups, the ANSA news organization stated.



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